Brow Professional Color Kit- 8pcs Set

Our complete kit allows you to get flawless brows for up to 4 weeks with a single application.

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- Carefully formulated to protect the eye area

- Includes 3 brow colors, 1 lash color, Deep Conditioning Serum, Oxidant Cream, Skin Stain Remover and Pro Angled Brush 

- Premium quality formulas

- Up to 30 applications

- Innovative ingredients that protect the follicle and hydrate it 

- Mild 1.8% oxidant cream 

- The beauty skin stain remover can be used for achieving a lightening effect 

- GMP/CPNP/ISO22716 certified 

    Product Specifications 


    STEP 1
    Start by cleaning the entire eyebrow area or eyelashes (skin and hair) before applying any product. Clean the area with gentle, oil-free cleanser or micellar water before applying the products. Be sure to completely remove makeup, skincare products, and oils. Dry the area thoroughly.

    STEP 2
    Mix the Renata Beauty Permanent Lash & Brow Color with Renata Beauty Oxidant Cream (1.8%) in a non-metallic container at a 1:1 ratio until a homogeneous, creamy texture is reached. Also, as an optional suggestion, we recommend applying the Renata Beauty Lash & Brow Deep Conditioning Serum in the mix in order to add extra hydration to the dyeing treatment at a 1:1:1 ratio with the previously-mentioned products.

    STEP 3
    Use the Renata Beauty Pro Angled Brush to apply the coloring mixture evenly to your brows or eyelashes, covering the entire surface with the mixture and leaving it on. Avoid any contact with eyes by removing any excess dye from the eye area using a dry cotton pad. After the exposure time, remove the dye with a cotton pad dampened with warm water. Dry thoroughly. Be sure to completely remove any trace of mix from your hair and skin.

    STEP 4
    Use Renata Beauty Skin Stain Remover during the dyeing treatment in one of two ways:

    • Remove unwanted color from the skin during the lash and brow dyeing process. 
    • Professional tip: use this product to lighten any dark area of the eyebrows that you would like to correct or to create a natural, gradient effect on the beginning (interior) of the brows.

    For either of these uses, use a swab and small amount of Renata Beauty Skin Stain Remover and gently rub the area until you achieve the desired result.

    STEP 5
    Finish the coloring treatment by applying Renata Beauty Lash & Brow Deep Conditioning Serum as a final step. Comb/brush the product on in the desired direction while applying the serum; distribute the product well. Do NOT rinse after application; simply wipe off excess dry product. It is recommended you use this product two or three times a week to moisturize lashes and brows and to support healthy growth.


    You must perform a skin allergy test 48 hours before each use of this product. This product can cause severe allergic reactions. Read directions for use carefully. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse eyes immediately if product comes into contact with them. Contains phenylenediamines, hydrogen peroxide and resorcinol. Wear suitable gloves.


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